There are several ways to lay out a two dimensional solar walk exhibit depending on whether the exhibit course will be indoors or outdoors, whether the course will be more compact or more expanded and whether the course will be temporary or permanent. Some sort of linear measuring device (tape measure, measuring wheel, measuring rod or string, etc.) will be necessary as well as a directional device (compass, surveyor's transit, etc.). An all encompassing layout tool would be found in a portable GPS device. Then all that is needed are the locations of the solar body image markers with respect to the central Sol image marker.

Solar Walk Exhibit Calculators are provided to assist in this task. The simplest calculator allows for the input of a target year, the course radius and whether the planet orbits should equidistant from each other or at their relative distances from Sol. Layout calculations are provided using a compass azimuth and a vector distance (Calculator 1) or rectilinear east/west and north/south coordinates from Sol (Calculator 2). And Calculator 3 provides GPS coordinates of each solar body image marker based on the GPS coordinates of the Sol image marker. The combined Calculators are provided here.