Our Solar Walk Kit, From the Sun to Pluto, is a Copyright Licensed scale model of the solar system consisting of a sturdy, durable and affordable exhibit system of ten planetary image markers (either 24”x24” or 12”x12”) and one sponsor marker each fitted with a theft resistant clip suitable for mounting on a stop sign post or similar post. The mounted markers may be permanently set along a walkway, bike path or jogging path or thoroughfare or temporarily displayed as a portable exhibit in a gymnasium, museum, planetarium, school yard, athletic field or neighborhood street. Each image is digitally printed on vinyl car wrapping medium, coated with weatherproof fade and UV resistant material then wrapped on a sturdy substrate either 1/8” aluminum or plastic plate to which a theft resistant clip can be affixed. Exposed to the outdoor elements the markers will last for years to come.

learn more about this exciting exhibit by printing a copy of the license agreement.